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Founded in 1964 by Tommy and Sarah Pittman along with their son, Steve, Mississippi Serum Distributors began as a family distributorship. Sarah ran the store in Jackson while Tommy and Steve traveled to call on customers throughout the state.

Mississipi Serum has always been an innovator. Case and point, we were set up with Gallagher/Snell electric fence over 30 years ago. This type of fencing was new to the United States, and we brought it to our customers first. These products are now commonplace, but they still require specialized techniques, which we provide, to use efficiently.

We carry over 6400 products, including a wide variety of vaccines, which are intended for different classes of animals at different times. An excellent vaccine for a stocker calf might not be appropriate for a breeding cow. Our goal is to guide customers in deciding on the most effective options for their animals.

We have a long history of serving our customers, and have developed a deep understanding of our customers needs over the years. Our knowledge sets Mississippi Serum apart, and we pass on that knowledge to our customers every day.

Our Story

The Early Years

Back in 1964, we stocked every antibiotic, wormer, insecticide, and vaccine for cows, horses, hogs, sheep, and goats. All of those products still amounted to less than two dozen. There was only one dewormer for all types of animals, and people would change the dosage as needed. Also, only one insecticide and one antibiotic were sold when our company was founded.

A Knowledge Based Business

Mississippi Serum has always been a knowledge based seller. We specialize in selling not just products but the methods and timing of which to use them. The right product at the right time or in the wrong dose might not achieve the desired results. We strive to inform customers of which product would meet their needs at what time.

Our Business Today

Since our founding, thousands of new products have entered the marketplace, and Mississippi Serum has brought them to customers ever since. Today, we carry over 6400 products to customers in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.

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